Monday, June 29, 2009

Clubbing 10+ years later

I have never been much of a clubbing girl. My time for going out every other weekend was when I turned 18 (legal age to get into a club and drink, in Mexico). My girlfriends and I would go to the clubs, hoping they would let us in, and then just dance, sing and drink. It was fun.

I just went to a club after a long time. It is not fun anymore, or at least, the specific club we went to, wasn't. The drinks were good. The music was horrible. Apparently they had a special DJ that night. He played only house music which, I don't like that much, it doesn't make me want to dance. We went to ask him to play some MJ, hoping that he would agree because of MJ's recent death. The assistant of the DJ (talk about a great job) told us that he didn't take requests. The dance floor was practically empty and he wouldn't change the music. Isn't that suppose to be the DJ's job? To make everyone dance?

Anyway, that was a no-go. So, some of my friends did dance a little. The rest of us were just drinking and people-watching. That was fun, checking outfits of people coming in and betting if they were going to let them in or not, based on the clothes. The problem was that all bets were off because some people on horrible outfits were friends with the bouncer. So, that too ended up not being fun anymore.

When we first got in we noticed a couple of women that had that look of easiness, to say it in a decent way. All trough the night we noticed them talking to several guys and we were very curious to find out if they really were what we thought they were. Almost at the end of the night one of them was talking to a guy that was behind us, so we got to listen to their conversation. What we thought was true, they were talking prices! This place is the second most popular and nice club in town so we were not expecting that. The expected part was that it was full of young people, a lot of daddy-boys and girls and the opposite spectrum too, a lot of 40+ people. There were the usual hammered guys hitting on my married friends, including the pregnant one, jajajaja. One gay guy checking out my very cute and very married friend. And a stupid jerk that threw his still-lit cigarette out without looking, it ended up on my dress and I burned my finger a little to get it off. Fortunately the dress was not damaged, I would've been severely pissed off if that had happen.

I found amusing that I can go for 4-5 days in a row going to bed at 2-3 am when I'm in Hermosillo, then drive back to Tucson (6+ hours drive), no problem. But, yesterday I was very tired after going to bed at 3 am and waking up at 10. Another thing, how is it that people meet other people in this places? I mean, potential dates. It is impossible to talk. Anyway, call me boring but I don't think that I'll be clubbing again any time soon.

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