Monday, June 8, 2009

You know you live (or at least have driven) in Tucson when...

1. You know at least 3 people who have been in car accidents
2. You are the 3rd car waiting for the green light and you don't get to cross the intersection
3. If you are not the first car waiting for the green arrow on Oracle and River you will get your picture taken by the traffic camera
4. You go 25 mph in 40 mph zones (thanks to the one in front of you, of course)
5. You come to a full stop because the car in front of you is trying to make a right turn
6. You don't know if your car is well balanced because every street in Tucson is depressed at a certain angle
7. You know at least one person that has had a tire blown in a pot-hole
8. You have been honked at by a Mexican (hmmm ok, Sonoran)
9. You know at least 3 people who have gotten their cars broken into (I know 4, including me)
10. You don't understand why people brake right after they pass a traffic light


  1. I lived in Tucson from 1971-77 and also attended the U of A. What a gorgeous campus! I miss the desert and mountains terribly and in particular Saquarro National Monument, where I used to go for long walks at night. I also miss the perpetual sunshine and heat and the incomparable night sky. I only got into two accidents when I lived there, so I guess I was a little deprived.

  2. Well, I guess there weren't as many cars then than they are now ;-) I love the desert, especially the night sky. Thanks for the comment.