Thursday, July 9, 2009

The virgin blue

My friend Readman and I are a little obsessed with good books (he also reads bad ones, I don't have the patience). Frequently we interchange books (yes, we trust each other that much), then, of course, we interchange opinions. A lot of times we agree on our views, except for suspense/horror books that Readman adores and I don't care for, that much. The opposite is true for my romantic novels, I don't think he would read them, even if there is nothing else to read.

In my last visit to Hermosillo (my and Readman's hometown), we interchanged books, as usual. Amongst the books that Readman lent me was "The virgin blue" by Tracy Chevalier. It is one of those books that make me envy those people that have the wonderful ability to get brilliant ideas and that know how to get them across in an engaging and captivating way. "The virgin blue" was published in 1997 but, it wasn't until the author's second book ("the girl with the pearl earring") was published that it got noticed. 12 years later it fell on my hands, and I devoured its 350 pages in 4 going-to-bed-really-late nights.

The book narrates how the family bond can survive centuries, overcome space barriers and even defeat death. It is a story of a woman that researching the life of her ancestors discover an ancient bond between her family, the color red and a particular shade of blue. In the process, she also finds her true identity, her real home and her real love. The story is told from the points of view of; Ella, the woman in the present; and, Isabelle, the root of Ella's genealogical tree. The book takes you from the happiness and anxiety that is a new beginning, trough marital trouble, flirting and enchantment, the suspense of family secrets, some spirituality and a touch of horror, to; the love for ones profession, the adventure of the unknown, the value of friendship and the wonders of true love.

I give this book a 9/10. It could have a longer epilogue. I won't say why to avoid spoiling it.

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