Sunday, August 30, 2009

My user name

I found this cool video of the song were I took my user name from. I have no idea how my BC friends think or pronounce it and I wanted to share this with you so you'll know how it is pronounced. Deray is what people from the Canary Islands call the moon. The song is about the forbidden love between the moon and the Sun.

My favorite phrases from the song:

The voice of sadness is Deray

Lethal love that sings instead of crying

The hidden side of the moon is Deray (note: the dark side of the moon doesn't sound as tragic or romantic)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Misleading people

In the past days I came across a post about the new Influenza vaccine that was totally misleading and scaring people. I know the blogger means no harm, on the contrary, but he is talking about something that he doesn't understand. I really don't like bloggers that just copy/paste information from other sources and try to make sense out of them when they have no idea about the subject. I'm a scientist and I do not claim to know about everything science-related. I thought about writing a science blog but, my lack of knowledge in certain areas made me reject the idea. I'm a bacteriologist but I have studied viruses, parasites and fungi as well. Still, if I started talking about cancer or diabetes I would certainly make some mistake because my knowledge is not as extensive in that area. That is why I don't do it.

My training does allow me to critically review papers form serious journals and understand what they are talking about. When I access pages like the CDC or read reports from MMWR I know where to look, I don't read what is written for the lay person, I read the information for scientists. A lot of people that talk about the "dangers" of the flu vaccine claim to have gotten their information from the WHO page. I can't find what they said even after more than hour of browsing to the WHO webpage. One thing is getting information from a newspaper or any other media source that claim to cite the WHO and another is to say that because you read those pages then you also got your information from the original source. It's like a broken phone line, the information gets more and more polluted with passage and it's not like a virus that gets attenuated, on the contrary. Doing your own interpretation of subjects you know nothing about only causes misinterpretation and that only takes to misleading people. If you blog, stick to your area of expertise and avoid to touch subjects you are not even familiar with, or get a guest blogger that does know about the subject to write a post for you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day without my iPOD

This is what happens when I forget my iPOD at home..

- I can't pretend that I don't hear the phone that the lab manager never answers

- I can hear how many times the lab manager stirs her coffee

- I can hear the people from 2 rows of cubicles down talking, including a bptart that talks like a child

- I heard a weird phone conversation from a professor that doesn't close his office door

- I heard the lab technician asking a post-doc if he trusted his lab work o_0

- I discovered that some people have very annoying ring-tones in their cell phones

- I had fun listening to the technician having problems calculating a concentration

- I heard that Bolt broke the 100m track record!

- I heard that the technician hates mal-walrt because "it's the devil". That made me think that he might care for something or someone (I doubt it)

- I heard the technician counting his vacations hours, like he doesn't just take days when he wants to

(can you tell by now that I don't like the technician?)

- I heard about an hour of French because the post-doc was talking to his wife via the internet

- The technician and the french laughed out loud for about 20 minutes remembering how the french f*(up a chocolate mousse because he forgot the sugar

Is the end of the day and I just want to kill myself. Big note to self: do not forget your iPOD again...EVER!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


After the oh-so-expected new video of Shakira, this is what we got...

I hope I will not offend anyone but, that is horrendous! I really think that Shakira lost a lot of artistic value in her last 2-3 CD's. Ever since she made the leap to the Anglo market her songs have gotten way more commercial and soulless (even in Spanish). Where are the songs with romantic lyrics? where are the stories in the songs? where are the songs from her beginning, were she sung about good causes? Apparently all that got flushed down the drain at the same time as the black of her hair. I can't even tell that she can sing anymore. It sounds like she is rapping, with horrible diction (I actually had to watch a video with subtitles to understand the lyrics) and her voice sounds so bad compared to any of the songs in her early Spanish CD's. So sorry Shakira, you can sure dance but your music is gotten from bad to worse.