Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day without my iPOD

This is what happens when I forget my iPOD at home..

- I can't pretend that I don't hear the phone that the lab manager never answers

- I can hear how many times the lab manager stirs her coffee

- I can hear the people from 2 rows of cubicles down talking, including a bptart that talks like a child

- I heard a weird phone conversation from a professor that doesn't close his office door

- I heard the lab technician asking a post-doc if he trusted his lab work o_0

- I discovered that some people have very annoying ring-tones in their cell phones

- I had fun listening to the technician having problems calculating a concentration

- I heard that Bolt broke the 100m track record!

- I heard that the technician hates mal-walrt because "it's the devil". That made me think that he might care for something or someone (I doubt it)

- I heard the technician counting his vacations hours, like he doesn't just take days when he wants to

(can you tell by now that I don't like the technician?)

- I heard about an hour of French because the post-doc was talking to his wife via the internet

- The technician and the french laughed out loud for about 20 minutes remembering how the french f*(up a chocolate mousse because he forgot the sugar

Is the end of the day and I just want to kill myself. Big note to self: do not forget your iPOD again...EVER!

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