Sunday, August 30, 2009

My user name

I found this cool video of the song were I took my user name from. I have no idea how my BC friends think or pronounce it and I wanted to share this with you so you'll know how it is pronounced. Deray is what people from the Canary Islands call the moon. The song is about the forbidden love between the moon and the Sun.

My favorite phrases from the song:

The voice of sadness is Deray

Lethal love that sings instead of crying

The hidden side of the moon is Deray (note: the dark side of the moon doesn't sound as tragic or romantic)


  1. Diana--that's such a beautiful song and what a lovely accompanying video! It really moved me so much, even though I didn't understand the words (although I am currently taking a Spanish class!). Wonderful--and I also learned how you came up with your screen name!


  2. Thank you Melinda :D Spanish is a beautiful language, I hope you keep learning it ;)

  3. That is a wonderful song Diana! It is also exactly how we were pronouncing your name.....although not tripping from the tongue quite so beautifully!