Sunday, August 2, 2009


After the oh-so-expected new video of Shakira, this is what we got...

I hope I will not offend anyone but, that is horrendous! I really think that Shakira lost a lot of artistic value in her last 2-3 CD's. Ever since she made the leap to the Anglo market her songs have gotten way more commercial and soulless (even in Spanish). Where are the songs with romantic lyrics? where are the stories in the songs? where are the songs from her beginning, were she sung about good causes? Apparently all that got flushed down the drain at the same time as the black of her hair. I can't even tell that she can sing anymore. It sounds like she is rapping, with horrible diction (I actually had to watch a video with subtitles to understand the lyrics) and her voice sounds so bad compared to any of the songs in her early Spanish CD's. So sorry Shakira, you can sure dance but your music is gotten from bad to worse.

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  1. Wowwee. You know what, I actually enjoyed that, and yes it's very pop. I can picture that in the club though. And those dance moves: I can picture those in a different kind of club, if you know what I mean.