Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I must confess that it felt weird at the beginning. To see and feel that new presence in my apartment. I have been by myself for so long that now is hard to share my space. Seeing him, there, looking at me with those beautiful green eyes. He got closer slowly, it seemed like it was weird for him too. He is not used to spending the night at a stranger's house, neither. Little by little we started trusting in each other, we had dinner, watched some TV, we "played" for a while until it was time to go to bed. We were both nervous. Deciding what side we were going to sleep on was easy, after all it's my house and I always sleep on one side of my bed so, he had to move over.

We cuddled together for a while and I found where he likes to be touched, we stayed like that until we fell asleep. Right at midnight I heard him calling me, he touched my face and sneaked under my sheets wanting to "play" again. I said no, I was really tired and he gave up. He tried again at dawn, calling me to wake me up, caressing my legs. At that point, I had no option but to wake up and please him. You now may assume that I'm so tired that I just want to die. I have another night like this to look forward to because he is staying in my apartment again tonight.

Pepe, my friend's cat, can be adorable but he is also quite demanding, jajajajajajajaaja

Big experiment

Every time the timer goes off to remind me to change the wash of my Western blot brings me a step closer to a big failure or a big success of an almost 2 year-long experiment. My stomach is getting tighter and tighter, I just want to know! I want to scream! My hope fluctuates from very positive that it will work to an almost certainty it won't. I'm on the verge of tears because if it doesn't work I have no more backup plans and I really don't want to accept defeat. Sciency and all you could now see me praying for this to work, I need a good result to feel worth something again.