Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Haven't you head that Halloween is the holiday for the nerds? This is way:

Cereal killer

Religious theme

iPod commercial

The pumpkins

The pervs

The communist party

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paths and roads

Here I am again, right at the entrance of that path that sometime ago joined our roads together. The road was made of dirt but it wasn't hard to travel trough. I wanted to cross to your side and stay there forever. You looked to my side only from time to time. I had the hope that the road would get pavement, it would be strong and we would maintain it together. At that time we laughed a lot, we talked for ours about everything and nothing, you were on your side and I was on mine, but I was happy.

You didn't want to cross to my side of the road, you found a way to let me know and you made your road turn away from mine. You followed your path and found another road. You were exactly like I was, looking at that road and wanting to cross over and stay there. She had already found her permanent place and didn't let you cross.

Eventually, I found a bridge to another path, I risked everything and crossed to the other side. The owner of the other path didn't want me to continue parallel to him forever so, he made me return to my path and blew up the bridge so I would never go back. The little pavement I had got broken and it took a long time to get it repaired, you can still see the scar of a big pot-hole but, it is ok to travel trough.

I have been on my path for so long, I see others in the distance but there are no bridges to cross and reach them. That is why in days like this, cloudy, cold and melancholic I go back to the entrance of the road that leads to your path. Only I know where it is now, the desert cover it with bushes and sahuaros but, it is still there and I come and seat for a while and dream of how it would be being on your side. I know it wouldn't be perfect, there would be detours and bumps but I think I would be happy again. If only I could make you look to my side again. I could build a giant announcement that would guide you to my path, I know it would be useless though, you have no desire to sort the dunes to get to me.

I don't know where your path took you this days, I don't know if you found an indestructible bridge to another road, I would like to think that it happened. I will never forget were that little road is and maybe I will never stop hoping that it will re-open but, knowing that you are happy would make me a little happier as well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mexican with gastritis

I have been blocked on my writing for a while now. The reason? I was diagnosed with dyspepsia (aka gastritis) a month ago. Meaning? I'm constantly in pain and nauseated. I never thought it would happen this bad. I've had episodes before but never lasting more than a day or two. This time is different. I can't drink caffeine at all and I can't eat a lot of things, which let me to realize how hard it is being Mexican while having gastritis.

I have never realized how many of our dishes contain some kind of chile in them. Also, the incredible amounts of lime juice I consume. That realization conducted me to another one: it is frakking impossible to eat any Mexican food while sick to your stomach. Both for the spiciness and for the dullness that overcomes the food once you take out the chile and the lime!

Quesadillas without salsa? Boooring

Rice without tomato sauce? where is the flavor?

White rice without lime? yikes!

Machaca without Anaheim peppers? that, my friends, is considered a sin in Sonora.

Tacos without chiles and lime? that is just wrong!

I have to get better before Christmas break! The thought of having Menudo without chiltepines or not having any beef-tamales gives me goose bumps!

Note: I should have said Sonoran instead of Mexican, the food in the rest of the country is different and the dishes I mentioned here are Sonoran ;-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking down

Last week I went to a U2 concert in Phoenix. After 4:30 hours in the car for a trip that should have taken 2:30 hours (traffic was insane), we made it just in time for U2 to start. We totally missed the "black eye peas" which I was absolutely fine with. I didn't buy the tickets so I had no idea where we were going to seat. The tickets were the second least expensive price so I thought we were going to be somewhere in the middle. No luck, we were almost all the way to the top of the stadium (the Arizona Cardinals stadium, that is). How different it is to go to a concert being in the first rows compared to the ceiling of the place?

First rows:

Everyone is a big fan.
Everyone sings along all the songs.
Everyone stands.
Everyone dances.
Everyone screams.
Everyone follows the clapping or arm movements asked by the singer.
No-one feels silly when holding their cell-phones up in the air as if they were the lighters used in the 80's.
You can see what kind and color of sun-glasses is Bono wearing.
Screaming when the singer comes close to you actually makes sense.
You get a neck pain because you are looking up all the time.


Not everyone is a fan so everyone is shy to sing-out-loud.
You are surrounded by the sweet smell of pot.
You see Bono's sun-glasses, on the screen.
You can see the whole scenario but that tower on your left sometimes doesn't let you see the singer.
You get a back-ache because you are bending down to try to be closer to the stage (jajaja).
You start clapping or waving your arms around when the singer asks you to but, because no-one else is doing it you stop at the second clap/wave.
The real fans that couldn't afford tickets in front of the stage annoy the hell out of you because; they scream, they don't seat down and they try to sing-out-loud butchering the lyrics of the songs in the process (you only notice this because they are the only ones singing so you can hear them).
If the singer point towards the ceiling you are tempted to think that he is looking at you so you scream, then comes the rational thought: if you can't see his face he, most certainly, can't see yours.
You watch more of the concert on the 360 screen than actually looking at the ants jumping around the stage that you know are the band.

In all, the concert was OK. The sound was horrendous and I couldn't understand most of what Bono was singing. I wish I would have been by the stage, yet, I'm not that big of a fan so I wouldn't pay that much money, jajajaja.