Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking down

Last week I went to a U2 concert in Phoenix. After 4:30 hours in the car for a trip that should have taken 2:30 hours (traffic was insane), we made it just in time for U2 to start. We totally missed the "black eye peas" which I was absolutely fine with. I didn't buy the tickets so I had no idea where we were going to seat. The tickets were the second least expensive price so I thought we were going to be somewhere in the middle. No luck, we were almost all the way to the top of the stadium (the Arizona Cardinals stadium, that is). How different it is to go to a concert being in the first rows compared to the ceiling of the place?

First rows:

Everyone is a big fan.
Everyone sings along all the songs.
Everyone stands.
Everyone dances.
Everyone screams.
Everyone follows the clapping or arm movements asked by the singer.
No-one feels silly when holding their cell-phones up in the air as if they were the lighters used in the 80's.
You can see what kind and color of sun-glasses is Bono wearing.
Screaming when the singer comes close to you actually makes sense.
You get a neck pain because you are looking up all the time.


Not everyone is a fan so everyone is shy to sing-out-loud.
You are surrounded by the sweet smell of pot.
You see Bono's sun-glasses, on the screen.
You can see the whole scenario but that tower on your left sometimes doesn't let you see the singer.
You get a back-ache because you are bending down to try to be closer to the stage (jajaja).
You start clapping or waving your arms around when the singer asks you to but, because no-one else is doing it you stop at the second clap/wave.
The real fans that couldn't afford tickets in front of the stage annoy the hell out of you because; they scream, they don't seat down and they try to sing-out-loud butchering the lyrics of the songs in the process (you only notice this because they are the only ones singing so you can hear them).
If the singer point towards the ceiling you are tempted to think that he is looking at you so you scream, then comes the rational thought: if you can't see his face he, most certainly, can't see yours.
You watch more of the concert on the 360 screen than actually looking at the ants jumping around the stage that you know are the band.

In all, the concert was OK. The sound was horrendous and I couldn't understand most of what Bono was singing. I wish I would have been by the stage, yet, I'm not that big of a fan so I wouldn't pay that much money, jajajaja.


  1. I was just about to shout out at you for not posting for ages, but I see you have at last!

    I loved that you said the concert was ok and the sound was horrendous jajajajaja

  2. I have been pretty sick and busy at school, that's why I haven't posted :(. I'm a contradiction, the concert was Ok but horrendous, jajajaja. What I meant is, it was the first time I got to see a world-known artist so I was really impressed by the stage and the show in general, even though the sound was crappy ;-).

  3. Oh no! Hope you are feeling better now? I know how you feel in regards to sickness and school, I had to go on hand and knees for an extension last week :)