Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mexican with gastritis

I have been blocked on my writing for a while now. The reason? I was diagnosed with dyspepsia (aka gastritis) a month ago. Meaning? I'm constantly in pain and nauseated. I never thought it would happen this bad. I've had episodes before but never lasting more than a day or two. This time is different. I can't drink caffeine at all and I can't eat a lot of things, which let me to realize how hard it is being Mexican while having gastritis.

I have never realized how many of our dishes contain some kind of chile in them. Also, the incredible amounts of lime juice I consume. That realization conducted me to another one: it is frakking impossible to eat any Mexican food while sick to your stomach. Both for the spiciness and for the dullness that overcomes the food once you take out the chile and the lime!

Quesadillas without salsa? Boooring

Rice without tomato sauce? where is the flavor?

White rice without lime? yikes!

Machaca without Anaheim peppers? that, my friends, is considered a sin in Sonora.

Tacos without chiles and lime? that is just wrong!

I have to get better before Christmas break! The thought of having Menudo without chiltepines or not having any beef-tamales gives me goose bumps!

Note: I should have said Sonoran instead of Mexican, the food in the rest of the country is different and the dishes I mentioned here are Sonoran ;-)


  1. Plain old stodgy food for you missus, you would do fine in the UK :)

    I am sorry that you have this, what is the treatment? is no lime and chilli ever allowed again?

  2. I'm taking 2 different anti-acid medications but they don't seem to be helping. Also, the impending doom of my PhD qualifying exam adding stress is keeping me sick. I will be able to eat (moderately) chile and lime once my stomach doesn't feel like is burning ;-)

  3. It is sort of good if its stress related, because hopefully the stress will go away eventually :)

  4. You made me hungry!! How lovely would it be too sit at a table with you and all those lovely food! Can we have a flan as well ^_^?

    Are you feeling a bit better? I do eat rice without lime hehehe...did you faint?! I'm soo sorry I scared you like that! But have to say, I spice it up with other things ;).

    Get well soon and hopefully if the stress fades'll get better in no time!

  5. TJ, fortunately I had my emergency oxigen tank at hand so I didn't faint ;-). I'm a little better, not permanently nauseated anymore, woohoo! I can't eat spicy yet but flan yes for sure! :-D