Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paths and roads

Here I am again, right at the entrance of that path that sometime ago joined our roads together. The road was made of dirt but it wasn't hard to travel trough. I wanted to cross to your side and stay there forever. You looked to my side only from time to time. I had the hope that the road would get pavement, it would be strong and we would maintain it together. At that time we laughed a lot, we talked for ours about everything and nothing, you were on your side and I was on mine, but I was happy.

You didn't want to cross to my side of the road, you found a way to let me know and you made your road turn away from mine. You followed your path and found another road. You were exactly like I was, looking at that road and wanting to cross over and stay there. She had already found her permanent place and didn't let you cross.

Eventually, I found a bridge to another path, I risked everything and crossed to the other side. The owner of the other path didn't want me to continue parallel to him forever so, he made me return to my path and blew up the bridge so I would never go back. The little pavement I had got broken and it took a long time to get it repaired, you can still see the scar of a big pot-hole but, it is ok to travel trough.

I have been on my path for so long, I see others in the distance but there are no bridges to cross and reach them. That is why in days like this, cloudy, cold and melancholic I go back to the entrance of the road that leads to your path. Only I know where it is now, the desert cover it with bushes and sahuaros but, it is still there and I come and seat for a while and dream of how it would be being on your side. I know it wouldn't be perfect, there would be detours and bumps but I think I would be happy again. If only I could make you look to my side again. I could build a giant announcement that would guide you to my path, I know it would be useless though, you have no desire to sort the dunes to get to me.

I don't know where your path took you this days, I don't know if you found an indestructible bridge to another road, I would like to think that it happened. I will never forget were that little road is and maybe I will never stop hoping that it will re-open but, knowing that you are happy would make me a little happier as well.


  1. Who knew that there was all this hidden under a lab coat.

    I think that you deserve someone who would cross a 5 lane motorway to join your path.

  2. There are a lot of things hidden under my lab coat ;). Thanks Claire :D

  3. Ciao Deray! This is brilliantly written! Yes I'm with Claire! You deserve someone who would crosses every obstacle (mountains, rivers etc.)on his path to join yours!!

  4. Thank you TJ! I keep hoping to get across him, only time will say if I'll find him ;-)

  5. Deray-Hope you bump into your Romeo someday on that winding road. The one up ahead, not the one you left behind.

  6. Thank you NP, you are very sweet ;-)