Thursday, November 12, 2009

2% chances are 100% real

He said he was 98% sure he wasn't busy on Wednesday. He said he would call on Monday or Tuesday to set up our meeting on Wednesday. He texted on Monday but didn't say anything about the date. Total silence on Tuesday. I was really pissed off and disappointed, this was the second time he did the exact same thing. So, sorry guys, I didn't follow your advices because I really thought the ball was in his court. As TJ said, at that point I felt that the whole thing was forced (by me, mainly).

I felt pretty stupid for getting my hopes up. I really liked the guy, even though he had almost stood me up once already. So, on Tuesday night my facebook status read: "I'm glad this day is over" (I had a bad day in the lab) and he commented on it around 1 am: "me too". I saw the comment early in the morning and saw his status from Tuesday: "having friends over, bbq and punk music, awesome". When I saw that all the excuses I had made up as possibilities for him not to call me flew out of the window. So, I deleted him from my friends in all the social sites we used to be in contact with each other.

Of course my heart would still jump at the sound of my phone but, no, he never called. I was a little down because of this yesterday but, today I'm much better. Hell, is his loss! I want a man I can rely on, in real life, not online. I have the feeling that he wanted to have me there as an option in case he didn't find something better. I'm no side-dish, I'm a whole entree and half a dessert! So, screw him, I'm better off by myself.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Experimenting in a different lab

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia we decided to make Beef Bourguignon for her. I was in charge of the cooking and my friends of the chopping ;-). Here is how the very long process goes:

Grocery shoping:

Chop the onions, bacon, carrots and mushrooms:

Simmer bacon in water for 10 min:

Fry the bacon in olive oil and remove from the heat leaving the fat in the pot, brown the beef (previously dried with paper towels, it won't brown if it's damp), a few pieces at a time:

I had 6 pounds of meat so, the browning took about 1.5 hours to finish!

Caramelize the onions in the bacon fat, then add the carrots and brown them a little.
That's me with my new apron browning the carrots and onions:

Add the beef and bacon back to the pot, add salt, pepper, beef stock, thyme, tomato paste, garlic, a bay leaf and lots of wine, bake at 250-300F for 3 hours:

On a skillet brown onion head in butter and olive oil, add some beef stock and a bouquet of herbs:

Brown the mushrooms in butter and oil:

In the 3 hours of baking, relax and watch a movie:

After 3 hours in the oven we added the mushrooms and onions and let it go for a little while longer, this is how it looked like when we added the final components:

TA-DAAA! Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon and baked potatoes as a side dish:

Being the first time I make something this complicated let me tell you, it was a great success! Everyone had seconds or thirds and the plates looked like someone had rinsed them immediately after finishing the food. Of course, after 6 hours of cooking I was exhausted but, it was worth it! We all enjoyed an awesome meal and had fun!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Don't you love that phase on a possible relationship when you flirt with each other a lot? So, there this guy that I met at an online-dating site over a year ago. We lost touch for a while then he contacted me again and we have been friends on Facebook since then. We have each other cell phone numbers but we only texted (until tonight). We comment on each other's status and flirt like crazy on FB. Yet, we have never managed to get together in person.

I have asked him out twice and he was busy both times. He has asked me out twice and I was busy or out of town both times. Bad luck or a sign that we are not meant for each other? Today we were again flirting and he said something about me using being a girl as an excuse for something, my response was: "I could tell you that I can prove (being a girl) it but why bother? :-P". It was all my intention to let him know that I thought he is really not interested in dating me so, I implied that he wouldn't be interested in finding out if I'm really a girl. Of course I got the response I wanted and he asked me how I would prove I'm a girl. By the time he posted that I was already gone from work so I didn't answer.

I don't know how long it was after that, less than 10 minutes. I got a text. The conversation went like this:

Him: how would you prove you are a girl?
Me: how would you prove you are a guy?
Him: what do you want you see or feel?
Me: my thoughts exactly
Him: what do you have to offer?
Me: nothing you would be interested in (I thought that by teasing him like that I would get him to react and ask me out again or something)
Him: what would you say that?
Me: we have been online buddies for over a year and yet we haven't met for real. There is a reason for that

Two seconds later my phone rang!!! "Hey, it's Him"

Long story short, we talked for about 10 minutes (first time we talked) and there is a 98% chance that I will meet him for lunch on Wednesday!

I'm kind of worried that if we meet the text-online spark will die. Maybe it will increase? What if he doesn't like me? What if I don't like him? Anyone wants to take bets on the possibility that I will actually meet him this time?