Thursday, November 12, 2009

2% chances are 100% real

He said he was 98% sure he wasn't busy on Wednesday. He said he would call on Monday or Tuesday to set up our meeting on Wednesday. He texted on Monday but didn't say anything about the date. Total silence on Tuesday. I was really pissed off and disappointed, this was the second time he did the exact same thing. So, sorry guys, I didn't follow your advices because I really thought the ball was in his court. As TJ said, at that point I felt that the whole thing was forced (by me, mainly).

I felt pretty stupid for getting my hopes up. I really liked the guy, even though he had almost stood me up once already. So, on Tuesday night my facebook status read: "I'm glad this day is over" (I had a bad day in the lab) and he commented on it around 1 am: "me too". I saw the comment early in the morning and saw his status from Tuesday: "having friends over, bbq and punk music, awesome". When I saw that all the excuses I had made up as possibilities for him not to call me flew out of the window. So, I deleted him from my friends in all the social sites we used to be in contact with each other.

Of course my heart would still jump at the sound of my phone but, no, he never called. I was a little down because of this yesterday but, today I'm much better. Hell, is his loss! I want a man I can rely on, in real life, not online. I have the feeling that he wanted to have me there as an option in case he didn't find something better. I'm no side-dish, I'm a whole entree and half a dessert! So, screw him, I'm better off by myself.


  1. Aah how annoying Deray! I really hoped for you that it went through this time! But really he is such a loser! And that he says he also had a bad day, while his FB status clearly states otherwise -_-'. How stupid of him.

    And you're right, it's his loss! I think, you can take this experience and you can read the signs if you meet a new guy online. If he really wants you, he won't miss a chance in the first place too meet up with you ^_^!

  2. It's definitely his loss. You are obviously the full meal deal and he's looking for a poptart. Write this off as a valuable learning experience and move on. {{hugs}}


    Yes I didn't forget about your birthday! Have a lovely day and have a look at my blog later on ^_^!


  4. You deserve better Diana...DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!

    Happy Belated Birthday too!

  5. I know this post has been up a while but it just came across my rss feed. You know, we've all been through this. These are the guys (girls do this too! To their friends based on where that friend happens to rank on their friends list), that I hate the most. The ones who make plans with you right up to the last minute you're expecting them or they just don't show. Most of these people are so self-centered and flaky they have no idea that they are hurting someone's feelings. Once, I even had a friend (girl) completely flake out on me after I had put a deposit down on an apartment we were going to share. It's always better to find out about these people sooner rather than later. And believe me when they realize you've shunned them, they won't have any idea why. Good riddance!