Sunday, November 8, 2009

Experimenting in a different lab

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia we decided to make Beef Bourguignon for her. I was in charge of the cooking and my friends of the chopping ;-). Here is how the very long process goes:

Grocery shoping:

Chop the onions, bacon, carrots and mushrooms:

Simmer bacon in water for 10 min:

Fry the bacon in olive oil and remove from the heat leaving the fat in the pot, brown the beef (previously dried with paper towels, it won't brown if it's damp), a few pieces at a time:

I had 6 pounds of meat so, the browning took about 1.5 hours to finish!

Caramelize the onions in the bacon fat, then add the carrots and brown them a little.
That's me with my new apron browning the carrots and onions:

Add the beef and bacon back to the pot, add salt, pepper, beef stock, thyme, tomato paste, garlic, a bay leaf and lots of wine, bake at 250-300F for 3 hours:

On a skillet brown onion head in butter and olive oil, add some beef stock and a bouquet of herbs:

Brown the mushrooms in butter and oil:

In the 3 hours of baking, relax and watch a movie:

After 3 hours in the oven we added the mushrooms and onions and let it go for a little while longer, this is how it looked like when we added the final components:

TA-DAAA! Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon and baked potatoes as a side dish:

Being the first time I make something this complicated let me tell you, it was a great success! Everyone had seconds or thirds and the plates looked like someone had rinsed them immediately after finishing the food. Of course, after 6 hours of cooking I was exhausted but, it was worth it! We all enjoyed an awesome meal and had fun!


  1. *applauds*

    Love the apron ^_^!!!

    Ooh it looks sooo delicious! But the simmering process takes a while huh....but then again, in the end, you have something very tasty!!

  2. Thank you TJ! I love the apron too, jajajaja. It probably would take a little less time for less people but, I cooked for 12 so it was a lot of food! We had very little left-overs though, everyone eat a lot, jijiji.

  3. This looks absobloodylutely yum! I love all things stew/casserole.

    I usually make something similar for parties :)

  4. It was my first time making a stew/casserole Claire. It was worth the stomach ache I got today, jajajaja.

  5. Wow! you sure made a lot for your first time with this recipe. What you made is almost identical to the Beef Bourguignon that we make. The only differences are that we add parsnips as well as carrots, and also tomato paste. Then we make buttermilk biscuits to eat with the stew.

    I love homemade stews and soups and I love crock pot food too.

    BTW I like aprons. They save your clothes from getting all yucky and stained. ;)

  6. For a moment when I was cooking I thought that I had bitten more than I could chew, but I pulled it off ;-). The stew did have a little of tomato paste TT, no parsnips though. I love my new apron, I have to go get it from my friend's house. I was so tired yesterday that I left all my implements there.

  7. Oh I know what you mean, it's hard and tiring work cooking a meal but the payoff is sweet when people enjoy the food and go back for more. And let's not forget the cleanups afterward too!

  8. I hate cooking for myself Rose but if it is for others it is very rewarding ;-). I totally skipped the cleaning part on Saturday though, I did all the cooking others had to do the cleaning, jajajaja.

  9. and..Now..Iam hungry!!!
    Its chomp chomp time over here (India)

  10. Way to go-- that's a lot of work!

    Why am I not surprised to see you grinning even while cooking? :)

  11. Sorcerer: I would tell you to make some but, as you can see, is not something you do quickly, jajaja.

    Jenn: Just for the pictures, they should have taken pictures without me knowing, then you would see my concentration face, jajajaja.

  12. It seems to be a very good lab :p ... some foods seem to be tasty and others yup yup yup .. nice sharing dear.. tk care