Monday, December 7, 2009

Another birthday

I wrote this 3 years ago and I think it is time to re-visit it:

It is time to postpone the fantasy of the family for a couple more years. When I was a young girl I used to think that I would meet the love of my life at 18 and then get married at 20. Then, as a teenager I changed my mind and decided that I would meet him at 20 to get married at 24. I turned 20 and that year left me with a big heart-brake so, I changed the time again, 25 to 28 was the goal. Obviously, that didn't happen and the date got move once more, hook up with someone (anyone!) at 28 and get married at 30. I can't keep moving the fantasy anymore, I give myself to 32 maximum and if nothing happens I will claim the children that my friend Readman owes me.

So, here I am, 32 years old, single and no prospect in sight. I guess I need to talk to my friend about those children. He promised me his first born after I gave him a book he really wanted. Then he promised me a second child after I have him the first season of Bones, jajajajajajaja. Now, the arrangement was that he was going to get married and then give me the children not that I would have them with him. There's a problem though, he is single also!

I was talking to my brothers the other day about this. I long to be a mother, I really do. I know that my sister thinks it is selfish for a single woman to have or adopt a kid. I also know that is better for kids to have 2 parents. But, what about all those kids in foster care that never get adopted? wouldn't they rather have a mom than nothing at all? I will have a big decision to make once I finish my PhD and get a real job. I have to graduate soon! My biological clock is ticking!

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  1. hmmm... .dear instead of adopting try to rare your own babies.... no i m not kidding ;)