Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday 2009 in Tucson

If I thought that my birthday celebration was over this year, I was wrong! Last Friday my friends in Tucson took me out for dinner at "My big Fat Greek Restaurant". I haven't had that many people celebrating me since I was in high school! We were 16 people at the table ;-). We had good Greek food, awesome company and Mila (my friends Verena and Toby 3-week old baby girl). I haven't had time to meet Mila so they brought her to dinner as my birthday present. You can check my happy face as I'm holding her, in the pictures below.

My friends gave me a very blown-out, black and white, picture of myself that will take an entire wall in my apartment if I put it up. They also gave me a gift card for Amazon from were I ordered: Harry Potter 6 (blue-ray-dvd combo), the 2nd season of The Big Bang Theory, a CD (Noel Schjaris, Argentinian singer) and 2 books from the Ender's series (Orson Scott Card). I can hardly wait for everything to get here! woohoo!

You can also check in the pictures my "happy-birthday-face" as the waiters/waitresses sung the Greek version of happy birthday while giving me a flaming plate of baklava. I hate people singing happy birthday to me, I didn't know they did that at the restaurant! All my friends know this so they enjoooooy themselves seeing me suffering through it! jajajajajaja.

After the celebration I had a busy weekend doing Christmas shopping and being in the lab very early and late at night (that's what 12-hour experiments do to you!). I'm getting kind of sick again, at it sucks, lots of sinus pressure!

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