Sunday, December 20, 2009

Road rage

Yesterday I drove from Tucson to my hometown, Hermosillo. My city is located about 350 miles south of Tucson. During this time of the year a lot of Mexicans living in the US drive back to Mexico and the Tucson-Hermosillo highway, being part of the Panamerican highway that goes from Canada to Argentina, is highly transited. A lot of those people drive 2 pick-up trucks; chained together and piled-up with stuff as to prevent the drivers from looking back on their rear-view mirrors. Driving surrounded with those many cars, semi-trailers and regular traffic, encounter at least 4 police/military check-points and quite a few asking for money or selling stuff in the middle of the little towns on the way, can bring the worse of you out.

If you think that I’m all proper and not able to curse please stop reading now, as I would like you to preserve that nice imagine of me. Now, if you would like to now how I react under pressure continue reading. These are some random thoughts that popped on my mind during my drive back home. Some of them were voiced aloud; a few accompanied by a particular hand movement that included flipping a certain finger up.

- Frakk
- Why are you moron braking? There is nothing in front of you!
- No, no, don’t try to get in front of me, there is no enough spaceeee (honk)
- Frakk youuu, I have to brake because you don’t know how to get out of the highway without making everyone else stop!
- Why the heck do you have a checkpoint if you are not checking anyone???
- Frakk
- Great, idiot going at 35 mph when everyone else is going 75 mph. Frakk I can’t pass the idiot because I have about 20 cars in-line to my left.
- But, I stiiiill haven’t fouuund what I’m looking fooor
- Half-hour wait at the toll-box, frakking great!
- No, I do not want to donate to the red cross, I just want to keep moving!!!
- Hermosillo 100 miles, fantastic, now I just have to keep going straight (there are about 4 curves in the last 100 miles of the way and nothing to see but dried grass and mesquites around, can be quite dangerous if you are tired because is soooo boring).
- Last toll box, another half-hour wait, awesome!

I repeated all those thoughts a couple of times until I finally made it home and after unclenching my jaw and my fists I started to relax a little and enjoy having vacations. More from yesterday’s events later.


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  2. Hahaha! Man! That sounds frustrating!! I'm curious to what else you encountered or said yesterday hehe ^_^!

    Happy Holidays!!

    PS: I had to remove the comments...I hate spelling mistakes -_-.