Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A very eventful birthday

The very long weekend started last Thursday when Jack (my car) broke-down 45 minutes from Tucson. The electric system started failing, the alarm went off and I panicked! I pulled over and opened the hood, of course I didn't know what to look for so that was useless, jajajaja. Just as I was deciding whom to call Jack started again. I decided to keep going and see if I would make it home. I did! I went straight to my brothers shop, two of my bros are mechanics. I left Jack with them after explaining what had happened.

I spent the afternoon with my Godson, Diego, the super-cute baby in the pictures. The next day I had my birthday dinner, you can see my friends on the picture. We had good food, good wine, a lot of laughs and an awesome time. I got great presents and lots of hugs and balloons, jajajajaja.

Saturday was Grandpa's party, we share our birthday. Grandpa turned 94 this year so the family threw him a big party. I got to see family members I had not seen in a while, including some from my Dad's side that were invited to the party, you can see them in the picture were I'm in between a couple. After that picture was taken my uncle Mario said we were "the little piggies" jajajajajaja.

I got Jack back on Saturday, so, on Sunday I packed all my things and was ready to head back to Tucson. However, when I got in the car I couldn't fin my iPod and was very upset, I took all my stuff out again to look for it, nada! Anyhoo, I got some CDs for my b'day so I played them. Just as I was pulling out to the highway Jack started his crazy electronic dance again! It stopped working and I started crying! I thought that they were 2 bad signs that day and maybe I shouldn't drive like that, I was very upset. So, I went back home and called my brother. They finally figured that Jack's alarm wasn't working and it was acting as if I was stealing the car! So, they installed a new alarm on Monday and I came back to Tucson on Tuesday, after finding my iPod hidden in the glove compartment.

Aside the problems with my car I had a good birthday celebration and will have another one in Tucson this Friday ;-) Thanks to all for the good wishes :-D


  1. My brother named his car "Honey" and another brother named his money tree plant "Diego". I kid you :) You should get Jack checked out and have him fixed. A frequent commentor on my blog owns a repair advice blog for honda cars. If you drive a Honda, maybe you can ask for his opinion on what's wrong with Jack. His site is

  2. Lovely pictures Deray!! Really nice! Glad you had such a lovely day! You did celebrate it last Friday too right?

    Hope you had fun ^_^!