Thursday, December 30, 2010


What a year! I lost my Tata, I became a PhD candidate (reason why I haven't blogged since September) and I met Germanman. I have been so busy studying and hanging out with Germanman that I haven't had time for anything else. It's now that I have a few days off of work that I remembered I have this thing called a blog.

The first semester of the year was really sad for me. My tata was very sick and passes away in May. As you know he was my dad and it was really hard to lose him. I had planned to do my qualifying exam at the end of the semester but my emotional state didn't let me.

At the beginning of the summer I met Germanman and we have been seeing each other in a non-serious relationship since then. I have been to few really cool places with him, I went back to my nature-loving self, to the point that if I don't go for a long walk outside every weekend I get jittery. He was very supportive when I was studying for my exam and would be super-stressed, he never let me doubt that I would pass the exam and was just there when I needed a break.

I did my exam in early December and I fill like a ton has been lifted off my shoulders. Passing the exam means that my committee is confident that I know enough to deserve a PhD. It feels great to know that now everyone knows I'm not wasting my time here.

I don't want to say that I have New Year's resolutions because every time I do that I don't follow them. All I want for next year is love.

Happy New Year to all my 5 readers!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Health Insurance Rant

I know that a lot of people are in a worse situation than me but, this is my blog and I rant about minutiae if I want to! :-P

The thing is, my student health insurance sucks. It is mandatory for me, as an International student, to have the University health insurance. They take about 2,000 off of my stipend to pay for it. The insurance doesn't have dental or vision coverage. Also, there's limited prescription coverage. What that means is; birth-control pills are not covered. Where is the logic in that? College girls should be able to get birth-control pills for a copay or very cheap. The pills that I got prescribed are 90 dollars per package so, pretty much 100 dollars a month once we add taxes. I really don't think it is affordable for a college student or a grad student, like me, to pay that. I would have to cancel my dental insurance and my internet to afford that!

I'm trying to be a conscious, careful woman that rationalizes the possibilities of a pregnancy at this time and decides to avoid it. But, damn, right now I'm sure I'm not the only one pondering if I would be able to afford the pills for a long time. Yes, I know condoms are cheaper but, they are a little less reliable. Germanman and I decided to use both methods to be very safe.

There is something else I don't understand. There are brand-name pills in Mexico, that are almost the same formulation as the ones I'm taking now, that cost 85% less money! In Mexico, even without insurance, birth control is affordable! That makes me facepalm myself even more when I see how many of my cousins have gotten pregnant out of wedlock. The solution for me might as well be to buy those pills in Mexico but, I have to talk to my doctor first.

Rant is over, I shouldn't complain that I have to buy birth-control pills, that means I have a guy! jajajajajaja

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexico's Independence Day

Today/tomorrow (exactly at midnight) Mexico celebrates 200 years of Independence. I know a lot of people are saying that we shouldn't celebrate because the country is in a state of war. To those people I yell at: VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!

The fact that some regions of the country have a lot of violence doesn't diminish one bit our Mexican pride or, at least, mine. Yes, I am proud of being Mexican. I'm proud of the Mexican culture, we have archeological ruins that do not ask anything to the most renown Egyptian pyramids. We have natural parks unique in the world. We still have a lot of natives that have preserved their ancestral language.

I raised in the middle of a big family that keeps staying close despite internal feuds, generational gaps and distance. I grew up surrounded by love. After losing my Dad I had 5-6 father figures in my uncles and Tata. I was raised listening to Mayan fables like the rabbit on the moon and romance stories like the legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The story of the foundation of the Aztec empire and its capital, Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), is so ingrained in us that is part of our flag. Our National symbols, the flag, the seal and our National Anthem are respected above anything else. I was the flag carrier during 6th grade and it was one of the biggest honors I have received thanks to my brain.

Our flag colors symbolize hope (green), unity (white) and the blood of those who died for our country (red). Mexico's history is not 200 years old. Our ancestors walked our land long before that. Today we celebrate that history and the bravery of those who died to free us from Spain, France and the US. We should not prevent ourselves from celebrating because of our opinion of the current government. We should re-take our country and combat all those people that are giving it a bad name. We should remember that "el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" Benito Juarez; "respecting others' rights makes peace" Benito Juarez, one of our best Presidents. If there is someone that can change a country, that's us Mexicans! Take inspiration in those who fought to free our country and make your voice be heard! No more Mexican blood being shed because of drugs! No more women killed in Cd. Juarez! Justice for our 49 angels from Hermosillo!

I leave you with my chest full of pride and a video that shows the beauty of Sonora, my home state. VIVA MEXICO HOY Y SIEMPRE!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who is this girl?

I always have been proud of how well I know myself. I know exactly what bothers me and how annoying I can be. I know that sometimes I'm too much of a smartass or very blunt. Lately I have noticed changes, important ones.

It all started with a certain guy that was attracted to me. It was only an online thing but for a fraction of a second I thought it could be real. What that experience left me was a lot of confidence, the confidence that I am a beautiful woman and I can attract a handsome guy. With that in mind and, to try to get away from that online twisted relationship, I joined a couple of online-dating-sites.

I have done it before and didn't have much luck but, oh well, I didn't lose anything by trying, right? So, there I was, a month ago, in browsing trough the local single guys. I saw a profile that I liked. The guy has a very cute smile, he is outdoorsy, he hikes and scuba dives. I decided to send him a wink. Two days after that he replied with an actual email, not just a wink. I was not a paying member of the site so I couldn't read it. I thought about it for a second and decided it was worth the shot to pay just to read that email. Best 5 dollars I have spent in my life!

He was very sweet and seem interested. We emailed back and forth a few times and he asked me out. We met and spent 5 hours together on our 1st date. It was awesome! We have been going out since then. He has inspired me to get more outdoors, to go to the gym again (at least 4 times a week), to eat better, etc.

This new me feels pretty, sexy, it's not afraid to have an idiotic smile on her face and doesn't get pissed off if her friends ditch her for lunch. Yes, I'm still scared that this relationship will end before it can take off, that I will say or do something he won't like. However, new me is telling old me to let go of the past, to go with the flow and enjoy one day at a time.

I like the new me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sonoran hot-dogs!

I had promised to take pictures of real Sonoran hot-dogs for the longest time. I finally did it!

Here we have the variety of franks you can select for your hot-dog, they are all wrapped with bacon but they vary on being pork, turkey, regular size, super-size and filled with cheese, american or Chihuahua. I chose to get a Chihuahua-filled frank, super-size, it is like 1.5 hot-dogs.

After you pick your frank it gets put in a warm bun, then the guy added beans (whole pinto beans), grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo (I didn't get chorizo in mine but you could) and it looked like this:
Then it was time for toppings! Note, this place doesn't have a lot of toppings but they have what I like so, here, take your pick;
That's grilled yellow (chilaca) peppers and 1000 islands dressing,

Relish and blended jalapenos,
Sliced jalapenos and onions mixed with chipotle,

A few hot sauces, mustard, ketchup and cheese sauce (melted american cheese with milk),

Pickles and mushrooms,

White cheese and whole jalapenos, yeah, yeah, we like jalapenos!

Of course it wouldn't be a Mexican dish without avocado, blended in this case, oh yeah and more onions.

This is the end product, I added mushrooms, avocado, cheese sauce, grilled yellow peppers and mustard.

For size comparison, that was a 355mL Mexican Coca-cola

And a transverse view so you can all continue drooling!

Needless to say, I enjoyed my dinner that night. Oh yeah, there were fries also but I didn't take pictures of that =P. If you ever go to Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico you can eat this wonderful creations at El Gordo Hot-dogs, Olivares and Blvd. Navarrete ;-).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Late (no harm to thirds)

I can't believe I haven't posted a Ricardo Arjona song in here. He is my second favorite singer/composer. I have been his fan since 1993 when he released his 1st album in Mexico. He is from Guatemala but made his career in Mexico.

This song talks about a forbidden love. That love that comes too late, when you have already settled for someone that wasn't your soul-mate. I saw a movie called "Timer" yesterday and made me think of this song and how cool it would be to have a piece of technology tell us who is our soul-mate. No more heart-breaks, no more divorces. Of course, with my luck I would probably get a blank timer. Anywho, here is the song and the translation.

Right about now, you marsh into my life
with your perfect body and your killer eyes
late, as always, fortune comes to us.

You were with him, I was with her,
pretending to be happy, because we were desperate,
because we didn't wait for our dream,
because we were afraid of being alone.

But, we were late,
I saw you, you saw me,
we recognized instantly but late,
damn the time that I found what I dreamed of.

Late, all that dreaming of you, missing you,
without having you, all that inventing you.
All that looking for you on the streets,
like a madman, without finding you.

One becomes a fool and in desperation
confuses love with company
and that idiotic fear
of seeing oneself old and without a partner,
makes you chose with your head
what should be chosen with your heart.

I don't have anything against them,
my rage is against time
for putting you next to me, late!

I wish I could run and not look at your shadow
I wish to think this was a dream or a nightmare,
that you never appeared, that you have never existed.

I wish I could kiss you,
coincide with you,
approach to you a little
and tie you in a hug,
look into your eyes
and tell you, welcome.

But, we were late,
I saw you, you saw me,
we recognized instantly but late,
maybe in another life, maybe in another death.

I yearn to feel you,
I yearn to touch you,
to approach you and hit you with a kiss,
to runaway forever, without harm to thirds.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I realized the other day that I had written about my granddad but not about my father. What better day to share with you another amazing man in my life than today, father's day.

My Dad was born on October 14th, 1937 in Hermosillo, Sonora. His name was Francisco Alejandro Hernández Torres. He was the oldest of 4 siblings. I don't know much about his childhood or adolescence, other than the fact that his father left my grandma for another woman. My Dad never talked to me about his father, he never spoke to him again and I don't think he had contact with his half-siblings.

Daddy was a very intelligent man. He studied journalism, the way they studied journalism then, by doing it. He started covering the police report for a local newspaper. One of the things he remembered the most about that time is covering a plane crash in Hermosillo. It was a small plane, probably 6 people or so. He loved to eat grilled meat but he couldn't stand grilling it himself because the smell reminded him of the burning flesh of the people that died in the crash. He persevered in the newspaper step by step. He had a political-comic column for a long time. It was in that column that he created an urban legend for my hometown.

There was a ballroom in Hermosillo that burned down for whatever reason. My Dad wrote in his column that people had seen the Devil at that place and it was he who burned it. Apparently a young maiden was at a dance without permission from her mom so, she met this very handsome guy and was dancing with him until she notice a strange smell. She then looked at his feet and saw that he had a chicken foot and a sheep foot. She started yelling, the guy took his clothes off and everyone saw that he was the Devil, who told the girl that he was there to take her and proceeded to burn the place and take the girl.
The structure of the burned building is still there and the legend keeps passing from mouth-to-mouth. I learned about it a lot before I knew it was my Dad who had started it as a joke.

Dad met my mom when she was working as a teller in a bank, she was only 14 years old. He met the family on my mom's quinceañera (15th birthday party) and since then he had permission from my grandpa to court her. They got married in 1964, my mom was 19, he was 27. My oldest brother, Hector David, was born the next year, followed by Mario Alejandro, Sergio Luis, Obdulia Edith, Gabriel Eduardo and after 5.5 years of the birth of Gabriel, me; Diana Raquel. All the names of my siblings were chosen by my Dad and all of them (except for my sister) were the names of friends of my Dad. For the longest time I thought I had been a mistake, because of the big gap between my brother and me. However, I learned from my mom that I was mistaken. My Dad would have been happy if they had had only girls. So, after having 3 boys, then 1 girl, then another boy, he wanted to keep trying for another girl and there I was.
My Dad filled my mom's room at the hospital with flowers and stuffed animals. He serenated her with mariachis the night I was born and published a note in the newspaper to thank the doctors and nurses that tended to her and me. He also got presents for all the other babies born that night (I was the only girl born that night, by the way :-P). Without a wisp of shame I can tell you that I was Daddy's pride and joy. I was also very spoiled, I knew even at a young age that I could get whatever I wanted if I asked Dad for it. He used to read to me and bought me a big collection of kids' books. He was so proud when I started reading before I was 5 years old. He thought me how to play cards and domino around that age. He loved board games but would never let us gamble (my grandma had a gambling problem and he hated it). Whenever I won in cards, domino or monopoly he would tell me: you have won a box of Carlos V chocolates...empty! (while softly poking my nose with his finger). He loved that I liked to watch TV in English, he learned the language by himself, reading books.

Dad, as any good journalist, loved to take pictures and would not go anywhere without his cammera. Except for that time when he took my brothers fishing and they saw UFOs at the beach, jajajaa. I have tons of pictures of me as a baby and a little girl, taken by my Dad. Unfortunately, not many of those are with him. By the time I was born, Dad was the vice-director of a state-wide newspaper and was nationally known. He had been politically persecuted for not shutting his mouth when censorship was bad in Mexico. He interviewed the Apollo 11 astronauts and was the 1st one to ask if they were going to study the effects of 0 gravity in the body, while in space. His note was published in the New York Times (I need to go to New York to find that note).

Dad loved hunting, snorkeling and fishing. He loved the beach and he had a funny encounter with a shark once. You know those cartoons when a guy is swimming, he sees a shark and swims to shore so fast that he's still kicking while he is already on the sand? That's exactly how I remember my Dad that day, ajajajaja. Dad would wake up and out of the blue yell: Yuya (my mom), pack the kids' things, we are going to the beach! He also did that when he wanted to come to Tucson, he wouldn't tell her ahead of time. We never came with them to the US though, they, ahem, escaped from us by coming here now and then. He also loved beer and cigarettes. I have a couple of scars on my left hand that are cigarette burns. Both of them I got them because I loved to jump on the bed on top of my Dad while he was smoking in bed, not having time to react when I jumped on top of him, he burned me. I can tell you that my Dad's addiction to nicotine rendered his 6 children with an absolute hate for cigarettes.

My sister was already a teenager when I was a little girl and she had started dating. My Dad would send me to the living room to tell the boy that is was time to leave. I didn't get to hear this from my Dad but he told it to my sister; baby, you have to kiss a lot of toads to find your prince. I didn't get to learn how to drink or drive from Dad. He passed away when I was 7 years old. However, since then, all my academic achievements I have obtained them with the thought that they would made my Dad proud. I know that he would be ecstatic if he knew me now. Cum laude Bachelor's, a Master's degree, on my way to PhD, completely fluent in English, living in the US (he wouldn't be happy about this though). Maybe I would be very different if he had lived, I'm sure I would be a spoiled brat :-P. I don't know, I want to think that I would be the same and that he would love me exactly like this.

Happy Father's Day Daddy! It's about time you send me that prince because I do keep kissing toads, you know!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mi Tata (my Grandpa)

Mi Tata was born on November 28th, 1915 in a town called Bacanora, Sonora, Mexico. It was the middle of the Mexican Revolution. Pancho Villa was about to enter the town which meant that the town was going to be robbed. Unfortunately for my Tata, my Great-Grandma (Trancito) died during child-birth. Fortunately for the town, Pancho Villa spared the town of his visit in respect of their mourning. My Tata's name was Nicolas Galindo Arvayo. First last name is Spanish, the 2nd is Irish and he had the red-hair to prove it.

He worked in his father ranch the first years of his life but he did learn to write and read so he became the town's teacher for several years. When he was a teenager Mexico's government was against religion and a lot of churches were burned to the ground. Tata entered his church and saved a statue of St Ignacio de Loyola, the patron of his home-town. The statue is still in his house. During that time he and my Nana (Grandma) started dating, they were cousins in the 2nd degree. Tata and Nana married on January 23rd, 1943.

Before my mom (their eldest child) was born, Nana & Tata moved to the capital. My Nana's parents had a liquor store there and Tata went to work in it. Then, my mom was born, quickly followed by 13 siblings. Tata also had 3 more children with another woman, we met them a couple of years ago. Only one of my aunts has passed away and it was one of the biggest sorrows of my Tata. Aunt Isabel died of Lupus when she was 24 years old.

Tata enjoyed watching Box, every Saturday, when my Dad was alive, they would get together and watch it. He wasn't so much into it after my Dad passed away, the only time I remember seeing Tata cry. He did continue to watch Baseball, he was a passionate fan of the Naranjeros, Hermosillo's professional baseball team. He loved to drink beer, do crossword puzzles and write poetry. The liquor store eventually became a convenience store where Tata would pass his days up until a few days before he passed away.

I was born on November 28th, 1977. From that moment on Tata and I shared our birthdays and a very special bond. I loved to dance with Tata when I was very little. Don't ask me why I took that weird position, never been much of a dancer. Tata loved to dance and to listen to music. His favorite song "Valentin de la Sierra" spoke of a man that fought for freedom of religion during the prohibition years.

Me sharing birthdays with Tata also explains why I had a can of beer for a piñata on my 3rd birthday.

As far as I know, I am the only grandchild to have ever received a Birthday present from Tata. It was a bag of M&M's but it meant the world to me. Tata always loved children and he had a nickname for every child born into the family and for our neighbors as well. My nickname was Teresa Tusa, for a lady in Bacanora who used a lot of necklaces and bracelets, just as I did when I was little. He was always the grumpy old guy at the store, yelling at children passing by but we all loved him very much.

Tata took my Dad's place at my Quinceañera and I always dreamed he would do it again for my wedding. He was the one to approve or disprove my cousin's and my boyfriends. He didn't approve of my College boyfriend. He didn't tell me anything until we broke-up though. After I moved to the US almost every time I went home he would ask: "So, did you get yourself a gringo yet?".

This was our family in 1993, during the celebration of Nana & Tata 50th anniversary.

We have probably doubled since then. 16 children, over 50 grandchildren and over 20 great-grandchildren is the legacy of Don Nicolas Galindo Arvayo. He passed away on May 3rd, 2010 at the age of 94. He missed his "vieja" (Nana) too much.

This year will be the first one that I do not share my birthday with you. Sometimes I resented that but now I know I'll miss it, just as I'll miss you.

I haven't found a gringo yet Tata, I'll keep looking.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On SB1070

I have said some things on twitter and facebook about this but, I want you to know exactly how I feel about it.

Yes, it is wrong that people enter any country illegally. Yes, Mexico needs to have better employment so none of my co-nationals would want to move here. Yes, Arizona is a sovereign state and can apply whatever law they come-up with. Yes, a lot of Americans could do jobs that illegals do (could, not would). The issue to be discussed right now is not illegal immigration per se. It is the fact that now looking like you might be illegal gives the police reasons to detain you.

One thing is that you get caught in the middle of a robbery, that is looking illegal for me. Having some skin/hair color or having almond eyes is not looking illegal! How about illegal Canadians or Europeans? don't tell me there aren't any! They will not get stopped however, because they don't look illegal. Arizonans need not to kid themselves, this State is sustained on the commerce with Sonora and Sinaloa. Without us coming to shop here no mall would survive as they are now, with this economy. With the new law I can foresee my fellow Sonorans being stopped if they are driving on a part of the city not close to the malls, just to get their papers checked. That is harassment.

One of my friends was saying that the police will have to be very sure that a person is illegal before detaining them or else they would risk getting sued. I have no confidence in the police here. Not after they didn't show-up after 4 car break-ins in the same neighborhood but they did show up at 6 am to ask a friend of mine to remove his street light because it violated the light code in Tucson (Tucson has a policy on street lighting due to the University space observatories, so the city is very dark). I personally, have encounter numerous times agents from Immigration that are very racists, it is rare that the would say something to me because I don't have brown skin but, they would interrogate anyone that is brown exhaustively before giving them permission to travel to Phoenix, for example. For those of you who don't know, a tourist visa is really not enough to travel within the US, you need yet another paper (I-94) to allow you to travel pass 150 miles from the border. In Arizona, Tucson is the limit, you can come here without that permit without any problem but you can't go to Phoenix without it. Before SB1070 only the Border Patrol was allowed to stop a car traveling to Phoenix to ask for said permit, now, any kind of police will be able to do it.

Illegal immigration needs to be stopped at the border. A lot of Arizonans say that the Federal Government hasn't done anything to do precisely that. They forget how tall and long is the double fence at the border. Also, how many border patrol or national security officers do they want along the border? the only way illegals will stop crossing through the desert is if there is an officer every couple of feet all along the border.

How about making it easier for people to migrate legally? How about giving temporal residency to those who can prove they have a secure job and are paying taxes? (we legal aliens in the country pay more taxes than an American citizen doing the same job, by the way) then, after a time, say 5 years, that you prove to have worked all the time and are current on your taxes give them a green card. Right now, it can take up to 20 years for someone from another country, working legally in the US to be able to even apply for the green card. You have to go to the whole ABC's of visas and pretty much until you have no other option but get a green card or leave the country, they allow you to apply for it. It is also extremely expensive to do so. How is it fair that someone (and I do know someone just like that) that has lived and worked in the US for 12 years to not get a green card because his jobs are not well payed so he can't afford to pay for the green card application? Denying him of a green card now and sending him back to his country is up-rooting him, his life is here!

I really don't think SB1070 will do anything to control or get rid of illegals. There are 2 things that will come out of this: 1) a lot of citizens or legal residents will get harassed and will sue the State; 2) This is a good thing, the issue of illegal immigration is back on the table for the Federal Government to take action. I really hope the latter is for the benefit of the millions of legal and illegal immigrants in this country.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NASA region 4

I woke up today with the news that the Mexican Congress approved the creation of the Mexican Space Agency (AEXA, for its initials in Spanish). I couldn't resist give my opinion on the matter. It sounds awesome in theory, doesn't it? Well, no, my actual first thought was: what the frak?

I must explain why that was my reaction. Mexico gives less than 1% of its annual income to the Science Council (CONACyT). Can you guess where is the money to fund the AEXA is coming from? Right, from that less than 1% as well. Meaning? CONACyT will get even less money to fund all other areas of science. As it is, right now, getting a grant funded through CONACyT is almost impossible, you have to submit 3-4 times and the most you can get is $100,000 dollars for a 3 year project. Compare that to $1 million dollars for an RO-1 funded through the National Institutes of Health, in the US. Add to that that any reagent or piece of equipment you buy from Mexico is at least twice the price as in the US.

Now, exactly how much of the starting fund of the AEXA will go to hire scientist? close to nothing! First they will need to hire a director (very likely a politician with only a Bachelor's degree), a speaker, an administrator, etc. All those people will come, no doubt about it, from the governing party and they will be brothers, sisters, neighbors, etc. of someone in a higher post at said party.

I have no idea if Mexico actually has people actually prepared to work in an agency like that. I know we have good engineers and physicists but, from that to quantic physicists and astronauts is a big leap. I just keep wondering; how long will it take for the AEXA to produce anything worthwhile? How much money will Mexico put in to produce something with the hope of some revenue? What will be the effect of the money that will be put into the AEXA on the CONACyT funding new scientists?

These are things that someone like me, who still had the hope to go back to Mexico to do science, has to consider.

I was going to provide a link to the English version of the AEXA site but, I'm actually embarrassed, they seem to have used Google translate to put that up.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th

This song is not only appropriate for this day for its name but, for the feelings that it expresses which are my own. The singer is Alberto Plaza, a Chilean with a lot of talent to compose and sing romantic, heart-breaking, as well as, up-lifting songs. The name of the song, translated to English, is February 14th.

February 14th, the moon on the garden
today lovers share kisses
I keep my own, you are not here
I miss you, I'm not the same as before.

Instead of living on Paradise
memories is all I have
who knows if the enchantment is still alive
who knows if you are also thinking about me.

In love, with your kisses
in love with you to the bone
desperate because you are far away
like the sea waves, like the sea waves
you come and then leave.

February 14th, is raining loneliness
the stars look at me with sorrow
I keep dreaming that you will come back
seating on one of their laps.

In love, with your kisses
in love with you to the bone
desperate because you are far away
like the sea waves, like the sea waves
you come and then leave.

February 14th, you St. Valentine
help me and tell her that I love her
find a way to bring her back
don't you see that, for her love, I'm dying.

In love, with your kisses
in love with you to the bone
desperate because you are far away
like the sea waves, like the sea waves
you come and then...
like the sea waves you come and then...
you leave.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2% chances guy is back!

Some you will remember that guy that I talked about a few months ago. I met him at an online dating site, we flirted with each other (heavily) on FB and by phone. He asked me out a couple of times and then never called to set the date up. Well, he contacted me again last night. I got an email in every email account I own, telling me that he added me as a contact on some page. I thought, maybe it was just one of those things that you add everyone even if you no longer talk to them. However, he even added an email that I never gave him! So, I gave up to my curiosity and asked him why was he contacting me again? His answer: why not?

I was furious. I have been done with him since November but, apparently he didn't get the hint. So, I proceeded to send him a lengthy email explaining why I'm not interested anymore. I told him I suspected he has a GF and didn't understand why he wanted to give me hope when there was none. I finished by telling him not to contact me anymore. Can you guess what happened next?

He replied saying: "Wow that was quite the email. I do have a girl friend. But I do not see why we cannot be friends?
Regards, 2% chances guy"

Frak! What a tremendous cheater-SOB! Yes, cheater, even though we never met in person, if he had had the same talks he had with me with another girl, while dating me, I would consider that cheating! I had asked him numerous times if he had a GF and he always said no. I guess he needed to hear harsh words to come forward. There is no way I will continue to talk to him. I just needed to share. As I said before, I'm no side dish!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't like France

Today I got into an interesting conversation with some friends on a chat. They were being very cultural and I'm not, so I was mainly watching. Until they mentioned something about going to Paris and I made the mistake of stating that I don't like France. This lead to a whole lot of: are you serious? how can you not like a whole country? some of your friends are French!. Etcetera, you get the idea.

Let me continue by saying that I know France is beautiful, especially the country side. I would love to visit the museums at Paris given that my favorite painter is Claude Monet. I could kill someone to go visit his garden. Now, why don't I like France?

I think is over-rated. The food? yes, it's ok, too complicated for my taste. Yes, I have eaten it and cooked it too. Give me tacos over beef bourguinon any time. Wine? I don't like red wine, only white, I'm OK with a Napa-Valley sparkling wine any day. The movies? I have liked 2 of them: Amelie and My life in pink. Music? hate it! I don't like the sound of French spoken, even less sung.

I would rather go to other 100 places than go to France, so sue me. I don't get offended if someone tells me they don't want to visit Mexico. That's ok. Even more, if someone tells me they do want to visit Mexico, I recommend them other cities, not my own, there is nothing to see there. I just think that there are a lot of other places with more to see than France. If I ever go to Europe and don't go to France I won't be heart-broken. If however, I never get to see Barcelona or London or Florence I will die with a big whole in my heart.