Sunday, January 10, 2010

2% chances guy is back!

Some you will remember that guy that I talked about a few months ago. I met him at an online dating site, we flirted with each other (heavily) on FB and by phone. He asked me out a couple of times and then never called to set the date up. Well, he contacted me again last night. I got an email in every email account I own, telling me that he added me as a contact on some page. I thought, maybe it was just one of those things that you add everyone even if you no longer talk to them. However, he even added an email that I never gave him! So, I gave up to my curiosity and asked him why was he contacting me again? His answer: why not?

I was furious. I have been done with him since November but, apparently he didn't get the hint. So, I proceeded to send him a lengthy email explaining why I'm not interested anymore. I told him I suspected he has a GF and didn't understand why he wanted to give me hope when there was none. I finished by telling him not to contact me anymore. Can you guess what happened next?

He replied saying: "Wow that was quite the email. I do have a girl friend. But I do not see why we cannot be friends?
Regards, 2% chances guy"

Frak! What a tremendous cheater-SOB! Yes, cheater, even though we never met in person, if he had had the same talks he had with me with another girl, while dating me, I would consider that cheating! I had asked him numerous times if he had a GF and he always said no. I guess he needed to hear harsh words to come forward. There is no way I will continue to talk to him. I just needed to share. As I said before, I'm no side dish!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't like France

Today I got into an interesting conversation with some friends on a chat. They were being very cultural and I'm not, so I was mainly watching. Until they mentioned something about going to Paris and I made the mistake of stating that I don't like France. This lead to a whole lot of: are you serious? how can you not like a whole country? some of your friends are French!. Etcetera, you get the idea.

Let me continue by saying that I know France is beautiful, especially the country side. I would love to visit the museums at Paris given that my favorite painter is Claude Monet. I could kill someone to go visit his garden. Now, why don't I like France?

I think is over-rated. The food? yes, it's ok, too complicated for my taste. Yes, I have eaten it and cooked it too. Give me tacos over beef bourguinon any time. Wine? I don't like red wine, only white, I'm OK with a Napa-Valley sparkling wine any day. The movies? I have liked 2 of them: Amelie and My life in pink. Music? hate it! I don't like the sound of French spoken, even less sung.

I would rather go to other 100 places than go to France, so sue me. I don't get offended if someone tells me they don't want to visit Mexico. That's ok. Even more, if someone tells me they do want to visit Mexico, I recommend them other cities, not my own, there is nothing to see there. I just think that there are a lot of other places with more to see than France. If I ever go to Europe and don't go to France I won't be heart-broken. If however, I never get to see Barcelona or London or Florence I will die with a big whole in my heart.