Sunday, January 10, 2010

2% chances guy is back!

Some you will remember that guy that I talked about a few months ago. I met him at an online dating site, we flirted with each other (heavily) on FB and by phone. He asked me out a couple of times and then never called to set the date up. Well, he contacted me again last night. I got an email in every email account I own, telling me that he added me as a contact on some page. I thought, maybe it was just one of those things that you add everyone even if you no longer talk to them. However, he even added an email that I never gave him! So, I gave up to my curiosity and asked him why was he contacting me again? His answer: why not?

I was furious. I have been done with him since November but, apparently he didn't get the hint. So, I proceeded to send him a lengthy email explaining why I'm not interested anymore. I told him I suspected he has a GF and didn't understand why he wanted to give me hope when there was none. I finished by telling him not to contact me anymore. Can you guess what happened next?

He replied saying: "Wow that was quite the email. I do have a girl friend. But I do not see why we cannot be friends?
Regards, 2% chances guy"

Frak! What a tremendous cheater-SOB! Yes, cheater, even though we never met in person, if he had had the same talks he had with me with another girl, while dating me, I would consider that cheating! I had asked him numerous times if he had a GF and he always said no. I guess he needed to hear harsh words to come forward. There is no way I will continue to talk to him. I just needed to share. As I said before, I'm no side dish!


  1. hi, this is sad. i do get this a lot. from the other end of the spectrum, if you can call it that. on thing is that it is soo convinent to do anything over the net with low or any accountability and risk if ever. so no attatchments. and you could call it dishonesty. cause in a plain black and white world, that is all that it is. now. a relationship is a pure thing and it has nothing if there is no trust and honesty in it. its like every one has gone mad. what i have realised is that people are mad. ever single one of em. some mad for one thing more than the others. and try to figure out the logic in their behavior or trying to fit a method to their madness is simply a waste of time , energy and effort . all it does in the end it going to make you more depressed with it all. thats when i realised. online dates and stuff like that. you need to be really, really ,really lucky to get the same kind-honest type of person. I think there is a better odds of meeting people of your type face to face in a salsa class, or self defense course, or book reading club.. all the best.

  2. What an absolute fecking idiot!

  3. GAWD, Diana--what an absolute DOUCHE that guy is! Like what do you want a sleezy man for a friend for?

    Thank you for reminding me to give my husband an extra special kiss tonight to let him know I appreciate him.

    But friend, remember! You sometimes have to kiss a lot of toads to mee the prince but there ARE princes out there. I know you are smart enough to hold out for him.

    Take care,


  4. Go figure. *snort* What a mook. Sorry, hon!

  5. blokes -- we really can be complete gits sometimes :-(

  6. Good for you. Never settle. I'm appalled at folks who don't understand the simple concept: If they will cheat WITH you, someday they will cheat ON you!!