Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't like France

Today I got into an interesting conversation with some friends on a chat. They were being very cultural and I'm not, so I was mainly watching. Until they mentioned something about going to Paris and I made the mistake of stating that I don't like France. This lead to a whole lot of: are you serious? how can you not like a whole country? some of your friends are French!. Etcetera, you get the idea.

Let me continue by saying that I know France is beautiful, especially the country side. I would love to visit the museums at Paris given that my favorite painter is Claude Monet. I could kill someone to go visit his garden. Now, why don't I like France?

I think is over-rated. The food? yes, it's ok, too complicated for my taste. Yes, I have eaten it and cooked it too. Give me tacos over beef bourguinon any time. Wine? I don't like red wine, only white, I'm OK with a Napa-Valley sparkling wine any day. The movies? I have liked 2 of them: Amelie and My life in pink. Music? hate it! I don't like the sound of French spoken, even less sung.

I would rather go to other 100 places than go to France, so sue me. I don't get offended if someone tells me they don't want to visit Mexico. That's ok. Even more, if someone tells me they do want to visit Mexico, I recommend them other cities, not my own, there is nothing to see there. I just think that there are a lot of other places with more to see than France. If I ever go to Europe and don't go to France I won't be heart-broken. If however, I never get to see Barcelona or London or Florence I will die with a big whole in my heart.


  1. Heheheh Deray! Were they that hard on you ^_^"...oh dear! But it wouldn't be that bad if we were just passing through...let's say passing through Paris on our way to Florence :D.

    But it's okay to not like France! I do like Paris, but Italy is higher on my list of countries I like. Maybe because my dad's part Italian and I have good friends living there.

    Happy (belated) New Year!! Hope you had a good one! Ciao!

  2. To each their own, I say. Unfortunately our world seems to grow more polarized every day, & the anonymity afforded by the internet certainly doesn't help.

  3. You summed up my feelings towards France lol

    Barcelona is awesome, had a wonderful trip there a few years ago.

  4. You should know South America, Argentina actually.

  5. Interesting. Guess where I live? !!!!