Monday, June 28, 2010

Late (no harm to thirds)

I can't believe I haven't posted a Ricardo Arjona song in here. He is my second favorite singer/composer. I have been his fan since 1993 when he released his 1st album in Mexico. He is from Guatemala but made his career in Mexico.

This song talks about a forbidden love. That love that comes too late, when you have already settled for someone that wasn't your soul-mate. I saw a movie called "Timer" yesterday and made me think of this song and how cool it would be to have a piece of technology tell us who is our soul-mate. No more heart-breaks, no more divorces. Of course, with my luck I would probably get a blank timer. Anywho, here is the song and the translation.

Right about now, you marsh into my life
with your perfect body and your killer eyes
late, as always, fortune comes to us.

You were with him, I was with her,
pretending to be happy, because we were desperate,
because we didn't wait for our dream,
because we were afraid of being alone.

But, we were late,
I saw you, you saw me,
we recognized instantly but late,
damn the time that I found what I dreamed of.

Late, all that dreaming of you, missing you,
without having you, all that inventing you.
All that looking for you on the streets,
like a madman, without finding you.

One becomes a fool and in desperation
confuses love with company
and that idiotic fear
of seeing oneself old and without a partner,
makes you chose with your head
what should be chosen with your heart.

I don't have anything against them,
my rage is against time
for putting you next to me, late!

I wish I could run and not look at your shadow
I wish to think this was a dream or a nightmare,
that you never appeared, that you have never existed.

I wish I could kiss you,
coincide with you,
approach to you a little
and tie you in a hug,
look into your eyes
and tell you, welcome.

But, we were late,
I saw you, you saw me,
we recognized instantly but late,
maybe in another life, maybe in another death.

I yearn to feel you,
I yearn to touch you,
to approach you and hit you with a kiss,
to runaway forever, without harm to thirds.

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  1. Y'know, sometimes best friends is an even better option than lovers, but I can sympathize with the sentiment nonetheless...