Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who is this girl?

I always have been proud of how well I know myself. I know exactly what bothers me and how annoying I can be. I know that sometimes I'm too much of a smartass or very blunt. Lately I have noticed changes, important ones.

It all started with a certain guy that was attracted to me. It was only an online thing but for a fraction of a second I thought it could be real. What that experience left me was a lot of confidence, the confidence that I am a beautiful woman and I can attract a handsome guy. With that in mind and, to try to get away from that online twisted relationship, I joined a couple of online-dating-sites.

I have done it before and didn't have much luck but, oh well, I didn't lose anything by trying, right? So, there I was, a month ago, in browsing trough the local single guys. I saw a profile that I liked. The guy has a very cute smile, he is outdoorsy, he hikes and scuba dives. I decided to send him a wink. Two days after that he replied with an actual email, not just a wink. I was not a paying member of the site so I couldn't read it. I thought about it for a second and decided it was worth the shot to pay just to read that email. Best 5 dollars I have spent in my life!

He was very sweet and seem interested. We emailed back and forth a few times and he asked me out. We met and spent 5 hours together on our 1st date. It was awesome! We have been going out since then. He has inspired me to get more outdoors, to go to the gym again (at least 4 times a week), to eat better, etc.

This new me feels pretty, sexy, it's not afraid to have an idiotic smile on her face and doesn't get pissed off if her friends ditch her for lunch. Yes, I'm still scared that this relationship will end before it can take off, that I will say or do something he won't like. However, new me is telling old me to let go of the past, to go with the flow and enjoy one day at a time.

I like the new me!