Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Health Insurance Rant

I know that a lot of people are in a worse situation than me but, this is my blog and I rant about minutiae if I want to! :-P

The thing is, my student health insurance sucks. It is mandatory for me, as an International student, to have the University health insurance. They take about 2,000 off of my stipend to pay for it. The insurance doesn't have dental or vision coverage. Also, there's limited prescription coverage. What that means is; birth-control pills are not covered. Where is the logic in that? College girls should be able to get birth-control pills for a copay or very cheap. The pills that I got prescribed are 90 dollars per package so, pretty much 100 dollars a month once we add taxes. I really don't think it is affordable for a college student or a grad student, like me, to pay that. I would have to cancel my dental insurance and my internet to afford that!

I'm trying to be a conscious, careful woman that rationalizes the possibilities of a pregnancy at this time and decides to avoid it. But, damn, right now I'm sure I'm not the only one pondering if I would be able to afford the pills for a long time. Yes, I know condoms are cheaper but, they are a little less reliable. Germanman and I decided to use both methods to be very safe.

There is something else I don't understand. There are brand-name pills in Mexico, that are almost the same formulation as the ones I'm taking now, that cost 85% less money! In Mexico, even without insurance, birth control is affordable! That makes me facepalm myself even more when I see how many of my cousins have gotten pregnant out of wedlock. The solution for me might as well be to buy those pills in Mexico but, I have to talk to my doctor first.

Rant is over, I shouldn't complain that I have to buy birth-control pills, that means I have a guy! jajajajajaja


  1. Oh, Gush! I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope to fix all your "problems" ASAP and to be there a much more flexible system for students at least.Can I curse here? $%#^$#$

    Don't worry, your post demonstrates that you're a conscious and a beautiful careful woman.In my country health insurance sucks, too and not only for students. smiles

    Wishing you only the Best in your life!

  2. Similar story in Canada re; cheaper prescriptions. Welcome to Amerika--land of over-inflated prices for everything & a million reasons to take your money away. <:\ *sympie hug*

  3. "Rant is over, I shouldn't complain that I have to buy birth-control pills, that means I have a guy! jajajajajaja "

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  4. Okay, that just sucks. I commend you for shelling out the dough to pay for it yourself, but $100 per month? Really? You'd think there'd be some sort of initiative out there to make sure girls had affordable birth control. Argh! Boyfriends are so expensive.... ;)

  5. In my state we get medications based on income. There is an organization in which doctors volunteer their time to provide basic medical check up type stuff and there is a pharmacy that's connected. We don't get vision but dental is covered for things like fillings and caps. They refer you to an oral surgeon if it's too bad at low cost or no cost. When I turn 40 I will then be referred for mammograms and things like that. Places like that exist all over the US even before this new health care thing. I found an article for you http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5907692/free_and_lowcost_clinics_in_tucson.html?cat=8

    It would be worth looking in to.