Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexico's Independence Day

Today/tomorrow (exactly at midnight) Mexico celebrates 200 years of Independence. I know a lot of people are saying that we shouldn't celebrate because the country is in a state of war. To those people I yell at: VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!

The fact that some regions of the country have a lot of violence doesn't diminish one bit our Mexican pride or, at least, mine. Yes, I am proud of being Mexican. I'm proud of the Mexican culture, we have archeological ruins that do not ask anything to the most renown Egyptian pyramids. We have natural parks unique in the world. We still have a lot of natives that have preserved their ancestral language.

I raised in the middle of a big family that keeps staying close despite internal feuds, generational gaps and distance. I grew up surrounded by love. After losing my Dad I had 5-6 father figures in my uncles and Tata. I was raised listening to Mayan fables like the rabbit on the moon and romance stories like the legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The story of the foundation of the Aztec empire and its capital, Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), is so ingrained in us that is part of our flag. Our National symbols, the flag, the seal and our National Anthem are respected above anything else. I was the flag carrier during 6th grade and it was one of the biggest honors I have received thanks to my brain.

Our flag colors symbolize hope (green), unity (white) and the blood of those who died for our country (red). Mexico's history is not 200 years old. Our ancestors walked our land long before that. Today we celebrate that history and the bravery of those who died to free us from Spain, France and the US. We should not prevent ourselves from celebrating because of our opinion of the current government. We should re-take our country and combat all those people that are giving it a bad name. We should remember that "el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" Benito Juarez; "respecting others' rights makes peace" Benito Juarez, one of our best Presidents. If there is someone that can change a country, that's us Mexicans! Take inspiration in those who fought to free our country and make your voice be heard! No more Mexican blood being shed because of drugs! No more women killed in Cd. Juarez! Justice for our 49 angels from Hermosillo!

I leave you with my chest full of pride and a video that shows the beauty of Sonora, my home state. VIVA MEXICO HOY Y SIEMPRE!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mexic! Nice song, too. smiles


  2. Congratulations on a birthday worthy of great celebration for Mexico! Hold your head high with pride and enjoy!

    And the video? Absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Happy Independence Day, Diana! The video was breathtaking, such natural beauty. Pity all the news ever plays up is the violence and turbulence of a nation, the venality of governments and criminals. Completely neglecting all the wonderful people who live there, sincere, hardworking, loving their families, their friends, living day to day with honor, feeling, humor, humility and compassion.

  4. Hurray for you, Diana! You should feel enormous pride and celebrate your heritage. We all should. for many years, I was ashamed my own heritage but I've really embraced who I am in the last 17 years. I really love the colors that your flag and what they symbolize--I didn't know that before and that's so awesome!

    Take care, my friend--