Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arizona fraked up law

It all started with SB1070. Actually, let me step back a little, it all started with JB getting to the governor's office after JN got taken away by Obama. First thing JB did was support and sign SB1070. There was no going back after that, the right wing had taken hold of AZ.

This week, 3 laws were passed or are about to:
1) parents can decide not to send their kids to school if they thing the topic can be "harmful" for them, i.e. no right-winger child will hear about sex or evolution until s/he is old enough to find out for him/herself (or until s/he talks to his/her friends and hear all about it, in a 10y old-distorted way).

2) people are allowed to carry guns in schools; do I really have to say why this is bad? oh wait, they might make an amendment to this one: people will be allowed to carry guns in schools but not inside buildings... phew! It would be so bad to get shot inside a classroom, I like it better on the sidewalk, thanks!

3) people are allowed to carry guns inside buildings...wait just a frakking second, wouldn't this one contradict the previous one? am I the only one that sees that?
A few years ago AZ banned carrying guns inside bars and any other establishment that serves alcohol (good good thing). So, this new law will make the previous one null and we will go back to the good 'ol days were any drunk guy could shoot you if you refuse his advances. Nice!

One of my friends just said that the only good thing left in AZ is the scenery. I would like to think that he is wrong. A know a lot of very good people here, I just wish that the people in office were a little less conservative and a lot smarter to foresee the implications of the laws they are passing, probably without reading them. On second thought, the people of AZ are the ones that elected the people in office so, I'm going to have to agree with my friend, I just love the scenery.