Monday, May 2, 2011

DNA match

After I saw today that "DNA matching confirmed that Osama Bin Laden was killed" my immediate response was: what are they using as reference?

Let me elaborate. To match someone's DNA you need to have a reference sample in file and then match a new sample to the old one. You can't ID someone based solely on one sample, you need a comparison.

So, someone in the US government needed to have a DNA sample from Osama from years ago. Here is the kicker, nowadays you can obtain DNA from almost any biological sample but, that was not the case 10+ years ago, the technology was not as developed as it is now. They needed to take a pretty big sample, blood in a test tube for example. But, why would the government have a sample like that from Osama given that before 9/11 no one cared that he was a crazy bastard. If the sample was acquired after 9/11 it would make no sense given that "no one knew where he was".

Granted they could use his son's DNA to compare (his son's DNA would be 50% similar to Osama's DNA) but with that they could only guarantee that the dead person was the father of the son, not that it was Osama bin Laden. I don't want to be a party pooper but I would not believe in a DNA test unless they told me how they got their reference. Just saying.


  1. Apparently his sister had DNA taken a few years ago. Also OBL was treated in a US hospital years ago - not sure how long ago that was and what samples may have been take at the time

  2. It was reported on various news stations that the U.S. already had his DNA. How they got it, I don't recall. Of course, I take very little the idiot box tells me as truth, anyway...