Sunday, November 27, 2011


A big deal? Yes, my birthday is always a big deal. It is a reminder of different times. It is when I remember how my Dad was so happy that he filled my Mom's hospital room with flowers, that he published a note in the newspaper thanking the medical staff that help me and my Mom that night. He also congratulated the other women that gave birth that night, they all had boys by the way. It is a time when I remember how I would go say Feliz Cumpleaños Tata! and he would answer back "a ti tambien niña" (to you too little girl) (even when I was over 20).
Those times are gone and this year I can't even celebrate with my family. I can't get my Mom to make me my favorite meal or a yummy cheesecake. I'm a little homesick and sad to not have them or my best friends with me. This year it doesn't feel like a big deal, it feels like any other day going to the lab, being a little sick on top of that. And it sucks! Oh well, I guess I can't expect anyone to be as excited about it as me. Is time to realize I'm not turning 5. Reality...checked!


  1. Wow..that was so nice of your dad doing all that for you when you wre just a baby. No matter how older we get, we always tend to be nostalgic about few beautiful memories we lived and there is nothing wrong about it, i guess.

  2. Diana, happy belated birthday. Hope you're having a happy holiday season and getting to spend it with family and friends. What's this I read on Tricia's blog about you having a new boyfriend? I was so happy to hear it. Hope you'll drop by BC some time to say hi.